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Teaching of Language is the object of much interest by international broadcasts. It makes up a material they present to their audience as a language is the foremost factor in the formation of a community and the means by which the ties of brotherhood among people can be firmly established . This is particularly so when the broadcast material carries knowledge and culture to its audience in testimony to a civilization mankind needs . Egypt's external broadcasts have , therefor , paid attention to presenting to their audience lessons in Arabic designed for purpose of these lessons are :

* Propagating knowledge of sound Arabic among Islamic and friendly peoples and countries where there are big Islamic communities .

* Helping moslems all over the world , especially Asia and Africa to understand their religion and to acquire knowledge of Arabic culture and the unique heritage of Islamic civilization . This is achieved by enabling listeners to read the Holy Quran, ancient Arabic manuscripts , books and to listen Arabic broadcasts in sound Arabic language .

* Strengthening cultural relations between Egypt and people throughout the Islamic world by Egypt and Arab world , about the early Arab pioneers of human knowledge, about Arabic poetry , prose , music , literature and all branches of culture , arts and science . All these are embodied in the books for teaching Arabic by radio .

* Attracting more listeners to Radio Cairo and providing them with information about the merites of Egyptian society and culture together with the history of the Egyptian people , their customs and traditions of their ideas and values .

* Teaching Arabic to the children of Egyptian and Arab communities biring in adopted countries abroad especially in the Americans , Europe and Australia .

Since February , 1966 , Egypt's External broadcasts have been successfully presenting lessons in Arabic by Radio in three stages , through English and French to audience in Africa , Asia , Europe and North America and in Turkish to listeners in Turkey .

Each stage is made up of ( 51 ) lessons , one lesson being broadcast each week for a duration of ( 15 ) minutes including a" Dialogue " programme for a duration of ( 5 ) minutes aimed to help audience how to converse in Arabic . This lesson plus the dialogue programme are repeated again in the same week . The lessons of each stage take one whole year .

The General Department for teaching Arabic by Radio despatches the books on learning the Arabic language to listeners free of charge to enable them to follow the lessons while they are broadcast .
Answers to Listeners Mail is a weekly programme broadcast on Friday to answer the requests and queries of our members.

Stages of the Evolution of Teaching Arabic by Radio :
* The material languages of the peoples of Africa , Asia and Latin America , like Swahili , Hausa , Urdu , Indonesia , Persian and Albani are used as medium languages for teaching Arabic as well .

* Further , the lessons are broadcast on the medium wave band to Islamic countries enabling learners to listen to them more clearly .

* Finally , coordination is made with various bodies for spreading this way of teaching Arabic .

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